What is a Notice of Assessment?

A Notice of Assessment (NOA) is the official document you receive from the CRA once you have filed your tax return. Your assessment is sent to you either by mail or found on your CRA My Account online. This assessment will give you details on how your return was processed, if you have a refund and or owing, as well as the date they processed your return.

NOAs are beneficial when you have to apply for loans, mortgages and other approvals. Make sure to check the amounts on your assessment when it arrives so you can verify that the results are correct with what you have filed. 

Getting Your NOA from CRA My Account Online

The quickest and easiest way to obtain your Notice of Assessment would be through your CRA My Account online. If you have this account online, you will be able to login and check all the assessment notices for all the years you have filed your tax return in Canada. 

Getting Your NOA by Mail

Another way of getting your Notice of Assessment is to have it sent to you by mail. When you file your tax return, you have the choice in receiving your notice by mail. If you checked that off, then when the CRA processed your return, they will mail you the copy of the assessment. 

Other Ways to Get Your NOA

  • Call CRA and ask them to re-mail it to you: 1-800-959-8281
  • Choose to have it emailed from CRA when you file your tax return
  • File with Yaletown Accounting and we can retrieve your Assessment online for you anytime! Click here to see Pricing for our services.