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See below for an overview of our services:

A consultation would be great for you if you have questions or just want to come meet with us, but would like to still file your own return or do your own bookkeeping.

Basic returns start at $60. A basic return is for someone who is a “T4 employee” (you will receive a T4 from your employer), there is no charge for multiple T4’s. Any additional forms or schedules required may incur an additional fee.

Self-Employed schedules start at $150. This service is an add-on to the basic return, if you are self-employed, then this service is for you! There may be an additional charge for a home office, a work vehicle, receipt addition, etc.

U.S. Tax Recovery start at $250. This is a tax recovery service for individuals who have had 30% of their winnings from a US Casino withheld by the IRS. If you have to apply for an ITIN as well, there may be an additional charge.

Rental income schedule filing starts at $150. You would require this service if you own a home, and rent it out for a monetary value. This service is an add-on to a tax return.

For each bookkeeping client, we have an over-the-phone consultation, since we are not always able to accept new clients. This is a great way to see if our firm will be a good fit for you, and you won’t have to waste time coming in to our office! You can consult with us from the comfort of your own home.